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Dental Insurance
Indemnity Coverage

These are the traditional fee-for-service insurance plans. You pay a monthly premium to an insurance company and in return it covers a portion of your dental expenses. Some typical features of these plans:

  • High deductibles before coverage begins (well-designed plans don't apply the deductible to preventive services)

  • Probationary periods on certain procedures that last up to a year
  • Annual dollar limit on benefits
  • Freedom to choose your own dentist
  • Your average monthly cost: $19 to $25
  • Companies selling these plans are regulated by state insurance departments.

In general, an indemnity plan will pay 100 percent of the costs for preventive services, 80 percent for common restorative services, and 50 percent for major treatments, such as crowns and orthodontics. For more information on dental plans availiable in your area visit our specilist site below.

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