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Saving Money on Your Auto Insurance

What Can You Do?

  1. Choose a safe car.
    When you buy or lease a car, choose on the basis of safety features and the cars record of crashworthiness, if it is easily damaged and repair costs. If the safety features you want such as air bags are not offered, complain to the auto makers. Some of them already are getting the message. Safety sells.

  2. Drive smart.
    Drive carefully and use safety belts and child restraints. Always drive defensively and stay alert. Never get behind the wheel impaired by alcohol or other drugs. Obey speed limits and other traffic laws. Set a good driving example for your children. Support enforcement efforts by the police and courts against drunk driving.
  3. Fight insurance fraud.
    Fraudulent claims can cost your insurance company millions of dollars each year. These costs are passed on to you, the policyholder in increased premiums. Report fraud to your insurance company to the State Insurance Department or to law enforcement agencies.
  4. Talk to your agent about ways you can save.
    You may be able to reduce your premiums by reviewing your policy to reassess the coverage you have. Are your deductibles too low for your financial situation? Do you need the optional coverage? Does your coverage duplicate other coverage you have? Your agent or company representative can help you analyze your policy to identify savings. Shop for auto insurance: compare prices, coverage and quality of service. Keep your driving record clean to get lower premiums. Take advantage of discounts offered by your company.
  5. Secure your automobile -- prevent auto theft.
    Many companies offer discounts if you install an active or passive auto anti-theft device in your car or if you etch the vehicle identification number in the corners of your windows. Park your car in a protected area. Always lock your car. Never leave packages or belongings in sight in your car. Avoid known high-risk parking areas.
  6. Help control medical costs.
    Quality medical care is not necessarily the most expensive. Challenge doctor or hospital fees that appear to be unreasonable or that seem to be unnecessary treatment. Educate yourself on appropriate medical treatments and avoid unnecessary medical charges from your doctor and hospital.
  7. Lower your repair costs by using competitive replacement parts.
    Replacement parts supplied by someone other than the auto manufacturer can save up to 33 percent on repair costs. Certified replacement parts have been found to be equal in quality to the original manufacturer s parts with warranties that also are equal or better. Used parts are also a cost effective alternative in quality auto repairs.

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