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What can I do if my driving record prevents me from getting an automobile insurance policy?

If you have a poor driving record, getting adequate insurance can be a difficult and expensive proposition. But you can't afford to drive without insurance, unless you're willing to lose everything you already own (and maybe even some of your future earnings) if you come out on the losing end of an auto-related lawsuit. In addition, many states make it a crime to drive without insurance protection. Many drivers with poor driving records are able to obtain insurance through state-mandated "assigned risk" programs. According to "The New Century Family Money Book" (Dell Publishing), "The insurers in your state are required to take on poor risks in proportion to how much business the companies do there. "You can also purchase auto insurance on the 'nonstandard market.' The companies that offer this sort of coverage are not always the most scrupulous, however, so investigate the reputations and financial health of the prospective insurers before buying coverage from one of them. This coverage is not cheap, but it may be better than the rates that the well-known insurance companies would charge. Paying a stiff premium, while unpleasant, probably beats having to take the bus." Your state's Department of Insurance or Department of Motor Vehicles can help you check the reputation of a nonstandard insurer or provide other advice to help you get the automobile insurance you need.