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Auto insurers push "shoddy" repair parts
Many insurers push "shoddy" and even dangerous knockoff replacement parts on car owners after a crash, according to a study in Consumer Reports magazine....

Is it necessary to buy rental car insurance?
I plan on doing a lot of traveling this summer, which will include renting a car. Should I buy the collision damage waiver, which covers theft or damage to the vehicle?

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The raging debate over term vs. whole life
A Capital Needs Analysis helps you choose between term vs. permanent life insurance. Furthermore you should only compair term life insurance rates with like policies.

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Homeowner's insurance protects more than your home
Besides protecting your home and your possessions, it provides you with liability coverage. But many people are woefully underinsured. How well are you covered?

Umbrella policies plug holes in your coverage
What if you were sued for a weather-related mishap on your property? Or you were found at fault in a major traffic accident? An umbrella policy would have you covered.

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Life insurance trust can save on estate taxes
After you're gone, you want your life insurance benefit to go to your family -- not to Uncle Sam. An irrevocable life insurance trust, where the trust owns the policy, may be just what you need.

Long-term care: Costly but worth it
For retirees without a large nest egg, long-term care insurance is the primary way to avoid relying solely on Medicaid. Before buying a policy, you need answers to these 15 questions.

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Find the right health plan for you
Individual health insurance is expensive and restrictive. But if you're not covered by a group plan, it may be your only choice. Here's help in getting the best deal.

Self-employed look at MSAs as viable health care option
Now the self-employed have the option of using pre-tax money to pay for contact lenses and root canals just like their friends who work for corporations.

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Always consult an insurance professional
Deregulation of the life insurance industry means more choices for consumers but also more complications. Here's how to save time and money buying life insurance.

Understanding the importance of financial strength ratings
To be sure that your life insurance company will still be around when you're not, choose one with a high financial rating. Here's a guide on what to look for.

Be wary of offers to 'replace' your current life insurance policy
A look at when it's a good idea to get a new life insurance policy and when you're better off with what you've got.